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Pray California provides a basis for connecting the various parts of the State for communication. Communications have been organized within eight regions: Northern Region, San Francisco Bay Region, Central Region, Mountain Region, Coastal Region, North Coastal Region, Southern Region, and San Diego Region. Click here to see all regions.

In addition, there are groupings of counties and communicators in various areas. This fellowship of leaders is committed to being submitted to the senior leaders in their various areas of California. They seek to build-up the leadership of prayer in our State by recognizing, honoring and serving these leaders which make up the many different streams of prayer that operate in our State.

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Checks can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 210
Pollock Pines, CA  95726

Weekly State-Wide PRAISE & PRAYER Conference Call
Please join us Wednesdays as we corporately worship our God, lift up Jesus (Yeshua), and seek to pray what is on our Creator's Heart. Holy Spirit is always faithful to direct the Calls as we seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness!
WEDNESDAY @ NOON For more info go to the PARTICIPATE page.




(Neh 4:20)
Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.

Shofar Call International
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"Be a voice for the voiceless!" Go to Cry4Life www.cry4life.info to learn more


May we corporately experience a manifestation of God's Love, His Mercy, His Goodness, His Salvation GLORY, in Jesus' Name we pray, Amen!